Hooked on Fishing Not On Drugs – 2019
(July 25, 2019)

WHEN: July 25 – , 2019
10:00 am –



130 youth participated Ages 9-13
170 Pre Registered (email reminders went out , weekend calls were made and also called DOE)

All youth and volunteers received commemorative t-shirt
Large Sponsors and Donors received commemorative t-shirt

Deputy volunteers were 69, 4 volunteers from VBCPS, 6 volunteers from EMT from Rescue 14 and 21 were VBBFC members

Total fish caught and released – 317
Total inches of all fish released – 3,400 inches
Team Whaler caught 79 fish
Team Angler caught 150 fish
Team Mariner caught 88 fish
Species caught included Spot, Croaker, Blue, Spanish Mackerel, Sharks and Skate
Largest fish caught was 16 inch Spanish Mackerel

6 morning educational sessions included:
Fish/Marine Life Identification
Knot Tying
Assembling bottom rigs
Boat/Marine Safety
Rod and Reel handling
Conservation with Sea Turtle & Artifacts: Virginia Aquarium

Lunch for all was provided by Subway-Oceana totaling 270 subs

The Sheriff’s Office Canteen arranged for Herr’s to donated 250 bags of chips for the lunch.

The Kitchen Staff at Sheriff’s Office baked and donated 250 cookies for the lunch.

4 hour fishing trip on 3 head boats: $3.900
Whaler, Angler, and Mariner from Rudee Tours

Dinner by Beach Bully $1,204.20 (volunteers had to assemble)

21 trophies for the Catch & Release Tournament while the kids were fishing were donated by Vanguard Industries

A new way was devised to simplify the scorekeeping while keeping the score sheets dry in event of inclement weather. This worked out well.

Youth were recruited at various Va. Beach City Public Elementary Schools via school’s Counselors starting in April. Youth were also recruited from St Matthew’s and St. Gregory Catholic Schools

The Hooked on Fishing-Not on Drugs Planning Team
June 2019

Judy McBride
Nancy Gary
Joe Carol


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